• ​​​​​​Once an order is submitted the process begins.

It is determined what name exactly goes on the front of the tag. Meaning it could be a business name, it could be a family name or a specific individual’s name.


We then decide with the sponsor which is better for the back of the tag. The logo, the company name, and individuals name or another message of encouragement from sponsor.

 We have 9 different colors of dog tags we use and we use that mix of colors for every order unless specifically requested by sponsor.

We then engrave the tags and prepare them for shipping.

 We have a list of Military duty stations. This includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We start at the top of the list and work our way down. Once we get to the bottom of the list we will start over again. Prior to sending out any tags we contact that Duty stations chaplain to ensure we have the most accurate mailing information and to let the Chaplain know our shipment is on the way.

We take a picture of the completed tags and send a copy of that picture to the sponsor through email or text.

In the package shipped to the chaplain is a request to pass these tags out to individuals at that duty station that are known to need some spirit lifting or encouragement. Also if possible a photo of the exchange so that we can forward to our sponsors.

Thank you for your participation and support!!

Best Regards,
Jeff Hovland, Founder
Dog Tag Along Inc.


Encouraging troops one tag at a time