Encouraging troops one tag at a time

Our country currently has tens of thousands of wounded warriors, deployed service members and hundreds of thousands of service members ready to defend you!  Please join our cause to let them know we all care!

This message states:
“Your Company name” & Dog Tag Along Inc.
Appreciate your personal sacrifice in keeping the U.S.A. safe while protecting our liberties and freedom. You are truly loved by your fellow Americans! Please Stay Safe.



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We, Dog Tag Along Inc., are sending Dog Tags to our wounded warriors, deployed service members and also our military member’s nationwide with a message engraved on the tags letting them know that they are appreciated for the sacrifices they have made. Their sacrifices include being away from their families, putting themselves in harm’s way, loss of limbs, loss of mind and at times the ultimate sacrifice, loss of life.

We would like to include your name in the beginning of this message and your company logo or company Name on the back of some of these dog tags.
Each dog tag is $4.00. Our hopes are that you would be willing to support at least 10 tags. This is a $40.00 sponsorship that will reach 10 individuals that more than likely, really need to hear what they are doing is very much appreciated.  If you would like to sponsor more than 10, more power to you!! Please join our cause.

You do not need to be a company to sponsor dog tags. You as an individual can have your family name in place of company name on the front of the dog tag. In addition you can have a personal message of encouragement on the back side of the dog tags.

Personalized Dog Tags

There is a two minute heart felt message from the founder of Dog Tag Along Inc. that talks about our cause.

                  This can be seen at:

The dog tag, with its message of encouragement, can be added to the service members’ dog tag chain where it hangs near and dear to their heart. In their moment of sadness, desperation or possibly loneliness, the service member can touch it, hold it, read it and know that he or she is truly appreciated by someone, somewhere. In this moment hope and strength can happen. This one tag could change a life. Help us change a life.