Encouraging troops one tag at a time

  • Encouraging our troops one tag at a time
  • A minimum of one tag for every service member
  • Promote a common cause, respect for our Military
  • Help motivate our Service members 
  • Emotionally save a life

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Our Goals

About Dog Tag Along Inc.

Hello, I am Jeffrey A. Hovland Sr. I am a retired Navy Chief of 22 proud years!! 

My rate was a Machinery Repairman where one of our jobs and responsibilities was to engrave. I was always interested in engraving and as it developed into automation from the simple Pantograph machine I grew more fond. In 2007 i wanted to give back a bit to the people in uniform just as many gave to me during my career as a service member and that's when, where and why I started Dog Tag Along Inc. I donate a percentage of the sale to two organizations, Operation Home Front and Fisher House Foundation. Although it started as a hobby I see the real potential and need for this in our current day and time and I appreciate your time and consideration  to support this cause.